Coast 2 Coast


Olivier Aubert and Mike Blyth Present
Coast to Coast - "A Piece of My Heart"
The Long-Awaited, Multi-Award-Winning DVD has arrived!
Filmed during the Coast to Coast Expedition.

"Dear audience, what you are about to see in this film is not the story of Icarus!
Icarus, defying the gods, wanted to fly like a bird, but the sun punished him and sent him crashing into the sea.
When they take off in their trikes, Mike and Olivier have greater ideals than to defy the gods and gravity. They want to taste the splendour of the world through the span of their wings. To play a small part in the great symphony of the sky. To empathise with the egret and the albatross as they thank fate that they were not born to an earthbound life.
Sometimes, they have the opportunity to take one of the many people they meet along the way, as guests in their trikes. They share in the joy of the young Himba girl from Namibia or the little shepherd boy from Mozambique, who climb aboard and realise that the horizon of their life does not stop at the neighbouring village.
They made this journey from one coast to another – between these two coasts lies Africa and in Africa lies the heart of this film, beating at the pace of a rhythmic blues song like the wings of a bird in full flight. "Coast to Coast" is the story of two pilots searching for beauty in the skies and seeking to spread joy on the ground.
And the only moral of the story is that if you want to take off towards freedom, don't forget to unfasten your seatbelt and open your heart."
Sylvain Tesson – Paris, November 2006

Olivier Aubert and Mike Blyth Present
Coast to Coast - A Piece of My Heart
DVD - PAL/NTSC format
52 mins

Language: English
Subtitles available: English, French, Spanish, Italian, German and 国畢 (Japanese)

Awards: Winner of 19 International Awards.